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Autumn in Prague: the time for magic


As you know cold weather and I are not simpatico. Glamorous dressing in the cold can be challenging but a trip to Prague in the autumn was not to be turned down and so I made a big effort. And it was worth it, all the way.

Such a beautiful city! Cobbled streets and impressive squares; horse drawn carriages and fairy tale castles are all around and the colours of autumn are breath-taking. From gold and orange to deep red, you are in world of glorious falling leaves that change the light and reflect the red tiled roofs. It’s nickname ‘The Golden City’ is well deserved.

Autumn is clearly one of the best times to visit; avoiding the summer heat and the winter freeze, the crisp chill air is like champagne.


Food in the Czech capital is awesomely good. Pumpkin, pretzels and gingerbread all give off the warming smells and feeling that winter and Christmas are coming. But not just yet! Czech food is all about soup and they know how to make great soup.

‘Soup in a loaf’ was possibly one of the best things we discovered in Prague. Sitting in a beautiful restaurant, overlooking amazing architecture, with good food and friends is the path to happiness. Add in a beer or two and it’s like reaching nirvana. You may think that wine and cocktails would be more ‘my thing’, but I do like beer and Czech beer is easily one of the best brews available in Europe. And very reasonably priced.

Prague is a walkable city and one of the best ways to explore is on foot. So, comfortable but always elegant boots or shoes are essential.

The Charles Bridge across the Vlatava is Prague’s oldest and most famous bridge and the golden statues set across it are amazingly beautiful and especially at night. Walking over it, you are aware really of how untouched Prague is as a medieval city. However, there are some stunning new builds, the most famous of which is ’The Dancing House’ – and this bold design is radically different from Prague’s classical architecture and so is equally loved and hated.


A complete must see is the Astronomical Clock: known as the ‘Prague Orloj’ and designed and built as early as 1410, it is on the Old Town Hall in the Town Square and you can just stand and look at it forever and marvel at what people could design and build in those days. Truly an amazing sight and a reminder that some things are worth fighting for.

My best style decision was a hat. A perfect beanie not only looks great with a classic coat and sunnies, but keeps your warmth in, allowing you to keep your cool. No red noses or shivering. I am also a big fan of ‘layering’ in colder weather: this keeps your silhouette sleek – as long as you choose the right fabrics.

Oversized scarves are an autumn staple for me. Drape elegantly for colour and style as well as a using as a layer to snuggle in when the mists roll off the river. The finishing touch as always, perfect sunnies.


I loved Prague. Every day was an adventure, a new thing to see and a great meal to relish. Despite the chill, I think I chose the best time to visit (it gets much colder in winter) as the autumn colours and the light made this fairy tale city totally enchanting and who doesn’t need a little magic in their life?