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Excess baggage? Never with Samsonite

I travel a lot for work so my luggage is an important part of my set up. Over the years, I have lost, destroyed and generally battered to death many suitcases and bags. In fairness, baggage handlers have helped in the destruction process!


However, I have found the ultimate in luggage and I don’t think even the most reckless baggage handler is going to destroy these beautiful bags. My Samsonite hard shell cases are super tough and super light.

I am quite a dainty build and once I pack my cases – especially for a shoot – the weight of the bags can be substantial. Samsonite cases are among the lightest bags on the market, so already this a big bonus for me. And, because they are lightweight, you are less likely to go over your baggage allowance. Major bonus!

Samsonite also have a great locking system for security. You put the zipper ends in the lock and click it and that’s it. It opens with a security code, so no keys to lose or bits hanging off your case.


Samsonite cases come as a range so you can buy a matching set or just the size you need. And with a beautiful choice of colours, you can be as discreet or colourful as you like.

Finally, the shoulder bag: my Karissa Lth is super soft nappa leather, comes in three shades and has a two year guarantee. This is easily the best shoulder bag around, especially when travelling, as it has plenty of room, looks good with everything you wear and is the perfect size without being bulky. What more can you ask for?


Photos by stnkvcmls