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Guten Morgen – wiegeht es?

Yes, I have just had an amazing time in Berlin, truly one of the most vibrant beautiful and cultural cities in the world. With its world-famous Brandenburg Gate,probably Berlin’s most iconic landmark, Museum Island with its fabulous galleries and must visit museums and the TV Tower at Alexandersplatz, with its gorgeous restaurant and famous views, I have been relishing, watchingand thoroughly enjoying staying in one of Europe’s most exciting capitals.


Set on The River Spree, Berlin is nearly one whole fifth trees and greenery; but, before you think I have become a total nature lover, I need to tell you about the hotel, The Bikini Berlin where I stayed – 25 Hours Hotels.

When you travel, you want a hotel to fit your purpose: if you are on business, you may need services and offers that you can take or leave when you are on holiday - except wifi, mirrors and a good hairdryer - because your schedule is different. So, you choose the brand, the offer or the price to fit your requirements.

25 Hours Hotels are reinventing the concept of not being at home. The hotel is part of a complete environment: a concept shopping mall, a spectacular roof terrace, an office complex and a foodie destination. All this but so much more.

You can choose a room with a view – but what a view! 149 rooms in the hotel. Half look out over the elephant and monkey enclosures in the Berlin Zoo, the rest have City views. There is a choice of six design categories and each room is quirkier and more comfortable than just about any hotel I have ever seen. The first morning, I woke to hear the monkeys chattering and shrieking and nearly fell out of the bed with surprise! Maybe not my ‘coolest’ moment but one that made me laugh for days.

Hammocks, wi-fi, Bluetooth and flatscreen TVs all work beautifully with floor to ceiling windows and amazing views. And you get binoculars to see, close up, the true beauty outside. High above the city you feel like you are on a different plane. The light is clearer, the vistas longer and yet the sense of privacy is just wonderful.

Each room is exquisite at The Bikini Berlin and there is a great connection to the city’s distinctive Bauhaus heritage. From the graffiti like art to the angular chairs, clever lighting and simple bold colours, I was enchanted.


This beautiful hotel also had an on site bakery and the heavenly smells wafting out are sure to lure you to breakfast. Frühstück – see how good I am getting? – is a perfect start to the morninghere as you plan your day.

The café and restaurant in the hotel are awesome spaces: Ikat cushions, wire mesh, bicycles as art and clear bold colours – a visual meal in itself before you have even ordered. But and this is important, beer (or bier). Germans take their beer seriously and so do I now. Berliner Kindlin the rooftop Monkey Bar – the perfect pick me up after a day of sightseeing.


And, at the very end of the day, the most enormous, luxurious and comfortable bed ever in which to curl up .The only problem is getting out again the next morning. The bedlinen is memorably wonderful: soft, fluffy and enveloping. I think I fell in love.

There are so many reasons why you should visit Berlin: culture. art, history and architecture are just a few but when you do, be sure to stay at The Bikini. It makes everything just that little bit better.