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‘We’ll always have Paris’ said Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca


Is Paris the most beautiful, romantic city in the world? You know how a picture paints a thousand words ? Well, let me paint them for you.

Paris: delicate macarons boxed in straight lines; fresh crêpes from the prettiest crêperie ever; Le Tour Eiffel with its elegant design - and the colourful carousel below; quirky antique shops with hidden treasures; the Glass Pyramid sparkling in front the Le Louvre and the Mona Lisa; Notre Dame and her gargoyles and L’Arc de Triomphe with the Eternal Flame. Possibly the most iconic picture of all – the Parisian cafes with rows of outside seating, ashtrays and garçons bringing out big cups of café au lait and tiny espressos.



Style, glamour, fashion, architecture, culture, conversation, charm and more, Paris has my heart. A whirlwind tour of this magical city and I was smitten. Each hotel, although different in style and each in a different part of the city, was perfect for our needs and moods. I also love the elegance of fashion and style in Paris – everyone is well dressed and the opportunity to put on a little ‘Ritz’ is never to be missed. Blue jeans and the perfect beret. Trés chic. Add a colourful bag and a beautifully tailored coat and you’re ready for La Vie Parisienne.


The Hôtel des Grands Boulevards was the first stop and this gem of a hotel has it all. Fifty colourful, beautiful and spacious rooms, with canopied beds, glass cupboards and slashes of scarlet are just so Louis XVI meets the high technology 21st century. Breakfast like royalty in this hotel and set your day up from the beginning. From perfect coffee, flaky patisserie wonderful cheese and smoked salmon, this is my kind of food.

A renowned restaurant, roof top terrace and a secret garden lie behind the hubbub of Paris life through a discreet, wrought iron entrance. Make this beautiful hotel your secret in Paris.



Hôtel Square Louvois – two minutes from the Boulevard Haussman, with its exceptional shopping, dining and people watching opportunities. This hotel provides a city hub with a pool, gym and hydromassage offer and is a perfect place after some serious shopping and before some serious eating. The dining room with its pretty kitchen and daily supply of baguettes, croissants and confitures is a delight. With a spectacular library right next to the cocktail cabinet, this is the right way to start your intellectual journey through Paris. The hotel has the feel of a private residence and is perfect for trying out Parisian life.

Okko Hotels are true city centre locations, designed for busy lives. ‘The Club’ is the heart of this hotel and it feels like an exclusive Private Member’s Club or the most jet set of VIP lounges. Your wellbeing is their priority. With perfectly designed rooms, geometric detailing and Sixties inspired colours and shapes, the décor is amusing, calming, comfortable and just right. You always know you’re in the style capital of the world when you’re in Paris.