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You can stand under my umbrella

Wow – look at me! Now that is not something I would usually say, as I like my clothes to do the talking discreetly. However, this umbrella is truly the most impressive and beautiful ‘accessory’ it is possible for a woman (or a man of course) to have. You cannot not look at it! I actually want it to rain so I can open it.


Handmade in Italy by Pasotti Ombrelli, their umbrellas are out of this world with their styling, design and quality. I especially love the two-colour tones and that the inside carries a different pattern. There’s a design for everyone who appreciates quirky elegance and perfect attention to detail. The long handle also makes these umbrellas very stylish when rolled up as well as when open.

Wherever you live in the world, don’t let the rain be anything other than a blessing. A Pasotti umbrella keeps the stylish woman cool, calm and dry. You can get a smaller/handbag size one too from Pasotti, but I love the glamour and theatricality of the larger version.


For this shoot, I chose a lightweight, military style wool coat in creamy white. Winter in the Med is not really ‘winter’ as I know it, so you can get away with lighter fabrics. I put a dark plum jersey under to co-ordinate with the umbrella and to contrast with the winter white wool. My silver, accordion pleated skirt is button-through to give plenty of swing and flare. Cinched at the waist to flatter the figure, choose a deep belt to really give definition to your curves. My shoes are fabulous: royal blue fabric with deep plum flowers to give that colour ‘pop’ that just makes your look your own.


My look is super stylish in homage to my beautiful umbrella, so my make-up and hair are very sleek and chic. Attention to detail and grooming are the keys to pulling off this look. Add the perfect umbrella and you’re ready for anything.

Photos by Suzana Simijonovic