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Nena Kay is about fashion, lifestyle and travel: taking the audience on a visual journey with me

Hi – I am Nena Kay and my goal is to inspire women in their 30s onwards: women who feel like they have finally hit “The Spot” and to encourage them ever more to pursue their dreams. We all have days where we look and feel amazing – and some days where maybe we don’t feel quite so good. My belief is that wellness – physical, mental and emotional - and looking good are linked together. Feeling good about yourself makes you a happier, more secure and stronger person, someone who will try new things.

Hopefully I can help inspire you to keep trying these new things, to enjoy life and the wonder that is out there for all of us. Sometimes life can be very hard: I grew up during a war, with shortages and rationing being only one of the many terrible parts of it. But I don’t believe in letting yourself be defined by only one thing or one time in your life. There is so much beauty in art, architecture, food, travel, people and fashion. Grab life and enjoy it.

For me fashion is more than pretty clothes: it’s the individual statement of your style, your personality. It’s another way to feel good about yourself and know what makes you - YOU.

I hope my blog shows you how much fun we can all have by being ourselves and grabbing what life gives us. If, as the saying should go, life gives you lemons, make skincare, perfume, veal à limon, cleaning fluid or air fresheners. Not everyone likes lemonade!

Nena xx