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Eeet yourself healthy with eeetwell

Here we are in Week 10 (for us) of social distancing and self- isolating and I hope you’re all well and coping with the way we now must live for the foreseeable future?


I quickly made a ‘new routine’ for myself, particularly once the novelty of wearing pyjamas while snacking and bingeing on boxsets all day wore off! I still love seeing photos of the food everyone is making though – whether you are a professional or just a foodie, the imagination and creativity has been inspiring throughout.

I am also so impressed how all our restaurants have reinvented themselves, offering delivery of anything and everything you want and when you want it.


Especially I love, love, love Mostly I love that everything is delicious but HEALTHY. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, a steak lover or passionate about Scottish salmon, there is something fresh every day for you to eat well at #eeetwell.

Fresh chickpeas, rainbow quinoa, grilled zucchini, shredded kale, pulled chicken and more – my mouth is watering as I am typing – are all dressed up and ready to go. Fresh wraps and bakery are available daily, as well as salads and spring specials so you never get bored with the menu.


Despite a universal feeling of ‘lockdown relaxation’, I still have to get into clothes with zippers and buttons; so #eeetwell’s lovely clean eating is great way for me to entertain myself, enjoy a filling and nutritious meal but not put too much strain on my waistband. As shown on their website, kindly put the calorie value on each item so you know precisely what you are getting.

#eeetwell also make a stunning range of fresh smoothies and refreshing drinks with just the greatest names. From the green goodness of a Popeye, the summer berries in a Very Berry or a filling Morning Boost breakfast, these are perfect pick me ups that you won’t want to put down.

And the Morning Boost is especially good if you are feeling a little bit drained or (whispers) hungover. Anmar Soltan, who founded and runs the eeetwell business, strongly believes that food is not just fuel but a way to boost our health, foster growth and empower communities. By using local, seasonal and the best quality available, is certainly living up to its mission statement.


You can pick up your order from the branches in Valletta, Gżira, St Julian’s or Sliema or from the University, Junior College or Mrieħel Business centre if you need some exercise or just to get out. If not, they will deliver to your door so you can stay in your pyjamas just a little longer.


Check out my posts to see what I am have been wearing to stay in every day. One last thing – three ‘e’s in eeetwell. Happy healthy eeeting guys.


Photos by Suzana Simijonovic