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Making exquisite memories at Casa Ellul, Valletta

There are some places that are unforgettable; places that make the kind of impact in your memory so that just a smell or sound can instantly transport you back there. Casa Ellul, one of the original boutique hotels in Valletta, is such a place. I had the pleasure of staying there recently and I am still enchanted.



The hotel is located in a beautiful, busy old street which looks straight down to the sea. Opposite both the stunning Teatru Manoel and St Paul’s Co-Cathedral, Casa Ellul is an original 19th century Maltese townhouse that has been in the same family since 1830.


Maybe it’s this heritage and long-term connection to history that makes it such a special place. It offers only nine suites in total so the sense is more of being in a private home – but what a home!

Mixing contemporary art and design with traditional Maltese architecture creates an incredible and unique wow factor. On walking in to the hotel, you instantly feel part of the deeply calm atmosphere. This is enhanced by the beautiful space, light and a palette of colours from deep grey to lime green.


Easy chairs and sofas are covered with sumptuous fabrics. Banquette seating is deep and plush. Even the teapots are beautiful! You sink into total and utter luxury pretty much on arrival till departure and this is reinforced by the attentive but discreet staff.


Luxury can mean different things to different people. For me - cashmere and coffee are part of the finest things in life, even though there are many variations on them. However, you know when you have found the best cashmere and the best coffee and finding Casa Ellul creates that same feeling of deep satisfaction with your discovery.


We stayed in Suite Five which has a fabulous combination of high ceilings and huge windows. A slipper bath set in a classic Maltese balcony adds to the feeling of being in a different and more elegant time. The upright piano is a gorgeous surprise and who could resist trying to play it?



A hugely comfortable bed, intriguing art, a well-stocked bathroom and the gentle sounds of the city outside all make this a unique way to stay in Valletta. If you want an authentic experience that offers thoughtful luxury, then this beautiful place needs to be your next destination.



Casa Ellul offers a 24 hr room service as well as a restaurant. Breakfast is fabulous. I am, even now, still thinking of their Eggs Benedict, freshly baked bread and fragrant coffee.



These are difficult times for everyone currently and sometimes we all need to take a bit of time out to review life. If, like me, you think that Life needs to be more like Art, you will find that at Casa Ellul it is.

Photos by Suzana Simijonovic